WHO are Interface Components?

We are a UK based manufacturer, designer and stockist of RF and microwave coaxial connectors. Since our launch in September 2002 we have been supporting some of the biggest names in the Electronics industry. Customers call upon our exceptional experience and knowledge to provide them with all their RF connector, cable assembly and tooling needs.

WHAT are Interface Components doing differently?

The Electronics industry has experienced a massive turn of events. Not so long ago, demand was outstripping supply and component manufacturers did not need to plan for the future....or did they? The withdrawal and downsizing of major suppliers makes the identification and procurement of component parts extremely difficult, time consuming and costly. Interface Components fills the gaps left behind. Our blend of UK manufactured parts and off the shelf solutions satisfies the entire spectrum of connector users, from the largest OEM's to the smallest test house.

WHERE will we make the difference?

The simple answer is your bank balance! We are devoted to direct customer support providing cost competitive solutions. Our understanding of the products, applications and requirements ensures our customers get value for money. Procure from us and see the difference.

HOW can we help?

Well, every time you need to identify, source or procure RF coaxial connectors/cable assemblies, Interface Components should be the first call you make. We have huge stocks here in the UK. We can cross reference to every major supplier and provide alternatives. We can also help with your specific application and design bespoke solutions if appropriate. We have helped many companies drive down their connector costs, reduce lead-times and provide the type of service the industry deserves.

WHY should you be taking to us?

We have assembled one of the most experienced and professional teams involved with RF connectors and cable assemblies. Sales and Marketing, customer support, technical support, design and development, manufacturing, procurement, warehouse and distribution, every member of the team has vast experience and knowledge gained from the industry.

WHEN should you be contacting us?

There's no time like the present! Let us look at your individual needs, connector requirements, applications and objectives. Call us today and it could be the most profitable conversation you've had in a long time.

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